Plus Multiple Intelligences


“Monolingualism… is the illiteracy of the 21st Century..”
-Time Magazine July 29, 2013


Twenty-five years ago, the words social media and search engines did not exist. Mobile phones were only used by businessmen and public pay phones were easily sighted outside shops and along sidewalks. Computers then were bulky and mainly used in offices and higher institutions.

Today, social media, smart phones and portable devices are part and parcel of daily lives. Many of us would not have imagined the world to be what it is today, much less be prepared for it.

At ChildFirst, we believe that it is important for us to understand and envision what the world will be like in the next twenty-five years so that we can equip your child with the necessary skills for their future.

One of the key skills is to be trilingual in English, Chinese and Coding. English is an undisputable essential language that is widely used internationally and locally. In your child’s lifetime, China’s position as the world’s top superpower will be enhanced so being fluent in Chinese language and knowledgeable in Chinese culture will give your child an advantage. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots are also fast replacing humans in many jobs. Knowing coding will help your child to shape a human future with AI.

The world is too competitive. Just having a good education is necessary but not sufficient for success. Our Plus Multiple Intelligences curriculum will help to realise your child’s unique talents.