Hands-on and Age-appropriate

Coding and Robotics


From a technological standpoint, the invention of machines (Industrial Revolution) enabled human to amplify our physical power. Machines enable us to run faster, fly higher, see further, and hear better. The invention of the thinking machine, the computer (Information Revolution), enabled human to amplify their brain power.

Computers enable us to calculate better, search faster, remember forever, and think smarter. To not use computers to help us learn and think better and faster is like not using machines and going back to the Stone Age!

At ChildFirst we believe that technology literacy, just like other literacy skills, is best learned when young, especially for digital natives like your child. Our curriculum incorporates not only Coding and Robotics, but also STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for pre-school children. Technology literacy is an important skill required to future-proof your child. Many of the most valued companies today were started by young entrepreneurs who were exposed to technology early in life.


In N2, your child will be introduced to concept of coding without screen time. Instead of working on computers or tablets, your child will learn to sequence physical action blocks, such as move forward and turn right, to control the movement of a robot. This will prepare your child for K1, when he/she will learn to code on screen and control a more sophisticated robot. At the K2 level, your child will build robots and programme them. He/she will also use the coding skills acquired to create animations and games. More importantly, your child will be exposed to computational thinking which can be applied in a variety of situations, regardless of how technology changes.


At ChildFirst, our teachers are enabled to bring the world into the classroom and we put the world at your child’s finger tips!
Through technology, children can view an ultrasound scan of a baby in the mother’s womb, “experience” weightlessness in space or understand why we need to protect the rainforest.

Ultrasound scan of a baby in the mother’s womb

Weightless in space

A rainforest takes many years to grow but only a few seconds to be cut down

Through eLearn, we put the world at your child’s fingertip.

Through eTeach, our teacher brings the world into the classroom.


ChildFirst’s parent company Ednovation has been developing e-curriculum for pre-schools since 1991. It is the pioneer in educational technology. Its EdnoLand e-curriculum is currently used by hundreds of pre-schools in Asia. Ednovation’s educational software has won many awards including from the Children’s Television Workshop (the parent company of Sesame Street), and the American Association of Educational Publishers. 

ChildFirst is perhaps the only pre-school chain in Asia with in-house e-curriculum development capabilities.