Congratulations to our
ChildFirst Pre-school’s Team!

Many of you are probably aware that Coding will be part of the curriculum for all Upper Primary School children next year.

At ChildFirst Pre-school, we envisaged the importance of Coding and gave our pre-schoolers a head start 3 years ago by integrating Coding into our curriculum. We are proud that our children tackled the challenges at the Singapore National Coding & Robotics Competition confidently and with ease. Emerging as champions in the competition is a testament to the effectiveness of our Coding programme.

The benefit of Coding goes beyond programming robots. It develops valuable Computational Thinking skills for solving problems systematically and logically. Through the process of Coding, children learn Abstraction (how to extract the essence of a problem), Decomposition (breaking a problem into smaller parts), Algorithm (step-by-step process to solve a problem), and Pattern Recognition (solve repeated problems in the same way). These Computational Thinking skills can be applied in a variety of situations, regardless of how technology changes.

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Watch our ChildFirst Pre-school’s TEAM in Action video below.

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