Confidence in

Public Speaking & Creative Writing


English is an international language and the first language in Singapore. Being competent in English is essential for academic and future success. Through show-and-tell in the classroom, role play in the speech and drama room, and our “little announcer” programme, ChildFirst builds up your child’s verbal communication skills and confidence in public speaking. Our curriculum also includes phonics and reading. We inculcate a love of reading through exposure to good English literature and encourage your child to express his/her thoughts in words through creative writing and journal documentation.

From PN (18 months) to N1 (3 years old), our focus is on listening, speaking, and building vocabulary. Through show-and-tell in the classroom, role play in the speech and drama room, and music and movement, we build up their verbal communication skills. Phonics is also introduced at this stage, together with pre-writing activities to strengthen children’s muscles for future writing.

Starting from N2 (4 years old), the children will learn to read and write sentences through our phonics and reading programme. Once they establish the relationship between the sounds of the spoken language and the letters of written language, they become skilled readers.

The exposure to a wide range of books also prepares the children for creative writing and journal documentation where they are encouraged to express their thoughts in words and exercise good penmanship. Our K2 children also enjoy being our “little announcer” and making a public presentation to the entire school. The ability to speak confidently is an important life skill.


Creative writing will help them to express their ideas in a written form.