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Saturday, 3 August 2024 | 10am - 12pm

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How to Unlease Your Child’s CREATIVITY AND POTENTIAL
at ChildFirst Pre-school!

In today’s digital age, early childhood education is evolving rapidly. At ChildFirst Pre-school, we embrace this evolution by empowering young children not just to play digital 3D games, but to create and code them. This unique approach not only enriches their educational experience but also lays a strong foundation for their future.

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    A Journey of Imagination

    At ChildFirst Pre-school, your child’s journey begins with physical blocks, encouraging them to build their own 3D platforms. This hands-on activity serves a dual purpose: it helps them visualize their game concepts spatially and enhances their fine motor skills through the manipulation of blocks and construction. Engaging in lively discussions with peers, children develop critical thinking skills and refine their ideas into detailed game mechanics and scenarios.

    Our pre-schoolers visualise their game concepts using these tangible materials.

    Coding and Creation

    The excitement amplifies as children transfer their physical creations into digital realms using computers or iPads. Here, they learn to transform their 3D platforms into digital graphics. This process not only introduces them to basic computer skills but also lays the groundwork for understanding digital interfaces and tools.

    Step by step, children are guided through the fundamentals of coding as they bring their game ideas to life. This computational thinking process is not just about learning programming languages. It is about cultivating logical thinking, problem-solving skills and perseverance. These skills are not just valuable in game design but also in all aspects of academic and personal growth.

    Our pre-schoolers transform their 3D platforms into digital works.

    Testing and Sharing

    The ultimate reward comes when children test their games. Seeing their friends enjoy the games they have created boosts their self-confidence and nurtures a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities.

    Watch a video on how our ChildFirst children bring their game ideas to life!

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    Essential Skills

    At ChildFirst Pre-school, we are committed to preparing children for the future. The skills they develop through coding lay a solid foundation for future academic and career pursuits. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to conceptualise, analyse, and solve problems using technology is a vital skill set.

    Moreover, the collaborative nature of game design fosters teamwork and communication skills. Children learn to work together, share ideas and respect different perspectives. These interpersonal skills are invaluable in building relationships and navigating social interactions both in and out of the classroom.

    A Trilingual Education

    Our curriculum integrates English, Chinese, and Coding, the world’s three most important languages and here’s why:

    1. ENGLISH

    As a global language, proficiency in English is crucial for communication and collaboration across borders. Mastery of English opens doors to a wealth of opportunities on the global stage.

    At ChildFirst, our pre-schoolers are discovering innovative ways to use generative AI and prompt engineering to co-create stories.

    2. CHINESE

    With China’s growing influence internationally, proficiency in Chinese has become an invaluable asset for future success. Whether in school now or at work in the future, proficiency in the Chinese language and culture fosters meaningful connections and provides your child with a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world.

    Our alumnus, Pablo Sanchez Dominguez, received an Outstanding Achievement Chinese Award at his primary school this year!

    3. CODING

    In today’s digital landscape, coding is the language of innovation. Proficiency in coding equips children with the ability to think critically, problem-solve creatively and approach challenges with a logical mindset. These skills are not only essential for future careers in technology but also increasingly valuable across various industries where artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalisation play pivotal roles.

    We are very proud of our ChildFirst Pre-school K2 children for clinching 6 out of the 9 awards in the 2023 National Robotics Competition (NRC), including the Overall Champion for the Pre-school ARTec category.

    “The significance of mastering English, Chinese and Coding extends far beyond mere academic pursuits. It directly shapes your child’s trajectory for success both academically and in future endeavours.”

    ChildFirst Pre-school


    Discover the Best Pre-school Experience for Your Child

    ChildFirst Pre-school stands out as an immersive learning environment where children not only learn but thrive. Our innovative approach to integrating technology into early childhood education ensures that every child has the opportunity to explore their potential and discover their unique talents. By combining hands-on activities with digital learning experiences, we create a balanced educational foundation that prepares children for their future success.

    International and local media including CNN, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, The Business Times, and Mediacorp Channels, have featured ChildFirst Pre-school for our unique approach.

    Featured in The Straits Times’ “Kids imagine the future – with a little help from AI”

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    These happy faces say it all! Watch the video to learn more.

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    If you seek a pre-school that goes beyond traditional education methods and embraces cutting-edge learning techniques, look no further than ChildFirst Pre-school. Join us in empowering your child to become a confident, creative thinker with the skills and mindset needed to excel in today’s dynamic world. Together, we will inspire a lifelong love for learning and set the stage for your child’s bright future.


    Saturday, 3 August 2024 (10am to 12pm)


    Don’t just take our word for it. Come to our Open House on Saturday, 3 August 2024 (10am to 12pm) and experience the ChildFirst Pre-school difference firsthand.

    During the Open House, you will have the opportunity to see our spacious facilities, meet our dedicated staff and learn more about our innovative curriculum.

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