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Now is the Time for Your Child to Embrace AI

In April 2022, OpenAI introduced DALL-E, an AI model that can generate original art with just a text prompt input. The AI-generated art works have even won art competitions, much to the dismay of human artists.

Later that same year in November, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, a chatbot that can carry out human-like dialogues, compose original stories, edit articles, do homework, mark exam papers, answer questions, pass bar exams, write computer codes, and even debug them.

All technologies have pros and cons. The simple truth is that your child will be using generative AI, along with even more sophisticated AI applications, when he or she enters the workforce to improve productivity much like what the calculator, word processor, spreadsheet, internet, and mobile phone have done in our lifetime.

At ChildFirst Pre-school, we create age-appropriate ways to encourage your child to embrace AI and learn to use AI creatively, wisely and responsibly.

A Storybook Co-created by Your Child and Generative AI

This unique project is an example of how your child will learn to use generative AI at ChildFirst Pre-school. It entails your child collaborating with ChatGPT and DALL-E to co-create a storybook.

Your child will learn how to use prompts to ask ChatGPT to generate sentences for the story. Either your child or ChatGPT can start the story. The other will then continue the story by writing a couple of sentences. Taking turns, your child and ChatGPT will co-create a one-of-a-kind story.

Next, your child will draw some key elements such as the main character of the story and then learn to use DALL-E, an illustration-generative AI, to create images to accompany the story.

Such hands-on projects will enable your child to understand how AI works and be more innovative in using it.

We observed that children are more creative and expressive when they interact with AI to co-create a storybook. Their imagination is unleashed and they come up with many interesting ideas.

Come to our Open House Saturday, 29 April 2023 (10am to 12pm), and let your child experience and leverage the wonders of Generative AI!

A special promotion worth more than $1,500* awaits you when you enrol your child at our Open House!

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