Yi Hu Fish Farm – Mountbatten

Excursion:Yi Hu Fish Farm
Centre:ChildFirst @ Mountbatten
Date:September 2014

Our ChildFirst @ Mountbatten Nursery 2 children had a fantastic day at Yi Hu Fish Farm, filled with excitement and discovery. Check out these snapshots from their memorable excursion!

Upon arriving at the farm, the children were captivated by the shimmering fish ponds and the opportunity to get up close to various fish species. They observed, fed the fish, and learned about responsible care for animals.

The educational aspect was balanced with outdoor fun as the children explored the spacious grounds, played games, and enjoyed the fresh air. It was a day of adventure, learning, and bonding with friends and teachers.

In summary, our children had a wonderful time at Yi Hu Fish Farm, where education and exploration combined seamlessly to create lasting memories.

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