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MI – Multiple Intelligences

How Smart are you or
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CNA – Becoming Human

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Give Your Child the
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Through our iUnique Curriculum in a Trilingual Environment

iUnique Curriculum

in a Trilingual Environment

iUnique Curriculum – AI, HI, MI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the greatest disruptor in your child’s lifetime. Your child needs to master AI to avoid being replaced by AI. In addition, your child must develop uniquely Human Intelligence (HI) such as creativity, which is not easily replaceable by robots. We also believe in exercising your child’s Multiple Intelligences (MI) so that he/she can find his/her own niche, develop it, gain confidence and excel in life.

Trilingual Environment – English, Chinese, Coding

Learning a language is effortless when young children are immersed in that language environment. ChildFirst is the first trilingual pre-school to provide immersion in the three most important languages around the world in the future, English (half-day daily), Chinese (half-day daily) and Coding (the language for AI and robots). Even though AI can provide language translation, being a native speaker with an awareness of the culture will give your child an advantage. For Coding, it is the culture of technology and innovation.

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Desired Outcome of ChildFirst Education

At ChildFirst, we Future-Proof Your Child through our iUnique curriculum in a Trilingual environment such that your child can achieve:

School Success

Phonics, reading, creative writing, arithmetic, Chinese and coding will prepare your child for school success.

Standout from the Crowd

Discover your child’s unique talents through MI and Personality Profiling so that your child can standout from the crowd (both human and robots).

Prepare for the Unknown

Knowledge shelf life is getting shorter. Skills such as lifelong learning, computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity will better prepare your child to deal with future unknowns.


Scale-up SG

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