West Coast Park – Dunearn

The beautiful landscape surrounded by greenery and the deep blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds welcomed the ChildFirst @ Dunearn children, parents and teachers of the Nursery 2 on the 6 June 2014, to the West Coast Park.   

Activities such as the good old fashioned sand play, climbing (on the exercise bar), ball fun and the typical-park activity of kite-flying, fit for the vast space, served as a great outdoor experience for our little balls of energy. The children had so much active fun exploring nature at its best that they have indirectly enhanced and mastered their gross and fine motor skills development. Parents became the children’s first audience when they witnessed with pride how their little ones demonstrated teamwork and togetherness as they worked to complete a task. 

At the end of the day, the children brought back with them a whole new world of outdoor experiential learning, the parents – pure joy in the most natural setting, and the teachers – a deep sense of fulfilment that; learning outdoors can lead to lifelong recreation.    

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