Thumbs up and gratitude is what we sincerely wish to express…

Come every Monday, Athena would very much look forward to going back to school.

“Hello, Athena’s daddy/mummy” is a greeting that we often hear when Athena’s classmates meet us in class or along the corridors. Most of the children would strike a conversation too!

I appreciate that the teachers have taught the children to be polite and address their classmates’ parents.

Loving care and smiles are worn by every staff. Even the cleaning aunty who may be physically tired from her tasks would gently remind us that the floor is wet.

Diet is also well taken care of with healthy meals. They include in-house baked cakes and self brewed chrysanthemum/barley drinks that contain less sugar and are hygienically prepared in the professionally equipped kitchen.

Fast indeed, is the school’s update to parents on any issues via electronic mails. We all look forward to the monthly newsletters that are peppered with photographs of the interesting activities done in class.

Innovative teaching method especially in the Chinese word recognition is what initially attracted us to the school. Children are made aware of the meaningful way Chinese characters are derived, hence cultivating their interest in the beauty of this language.

Role-playing is a desired playtime, in the spacious drama hall where imagination is sparked to transform Athena into almost any character she wishes.

Syllabus that is well planned and systematically delivered, is another strong factor that I would recommend, as that gives me the assurance that my child is educated in good hands.

Thumbs up and gratitude is what we sincerely wish to express to all the teaching and non-teaching staff at CHILDFIRST for making Athena’s learning journey in kindergarten a truly enjoyable and memorable one!


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