A big thank you to the pre-nursery team of teachers…

I am writing to commend Elijah Loy’s Pre-nursery teachers, Ms Sara and Ms Hsieh, and assistant teachers, Ms Devi, Ms Meow Sim and Ms Liu.

I would specially like to commend Ms Sara for her dedication and care for Elijah. Ms Sara went the extra mile to ensure that Elijah has a proper diet and sufficient nutrients. As Elijah is allergic to several food and is a fussy eater, Ms Sara patiently fed Elijah and stayed back every evening to give him two slices of cheese before we picked him up.

Elijah fell sick often in his first year of school and was prone to respiratory problems. Ms Sara took special care in administering medication to Elijah and nursed him back to health. There were occasions, she had to administer medication through the inhaler and up to 4 times a day.

Ms Sara even researched on G6PD (as Elijah has G6PD) to understand what food Elijah should avoid during festive and birthday celebrations. In particular, we were touched when Ms Sara bought vegetarian mooncakes for her class so that Elijah can partake in the celebration (Elijah is allergic to milk in pastries). We were also delighted to be furnished with details in the daily notes she made in the communications booklet. Ms Sara is a teacher who never takes the easy and convenient way out. She bites the bullet and sticks through thick and thin with the children. With good balance of love, affection and discipline, Elijah has matured under her care.

We are also thankful for Ms Hsieh’s love for the little ones. During the meet-the-parents session, Ms Hsieh pointed out some observations about Elijah that even we didn’t notice. This showed that Ms Hsieh paid close attention to the developments of the children. Under Ms Hsieh’s guidance and lively lessons, Elijah picked up some basic Chinese and started singing Chinese songs at home. Ms Hsieh had also been forthcoming in informing us of unfortunate incidents at school such as when Elijah fell or if Elijah was involved in a conflict with another classmate. Her transparency assured us that both positive and negative developments will be made known to us, not just the rosy side of things. We also worked with Ms Hsieh to improve Elijah’s social skills and gross motor skills and are happy with the team work between parents and teachers.

Assistant teacher Ms Devi had given Elijah great encouragement. She praised Elijah and gave him small gifts. These are some of the things that Elijah looks forward to whenever he is in a gloomy mood for school.

Ms Meow Sim and Ms Liu are also fun-loving teachers. Elijah is comfortable with them and turns to them as a source of comfort whenever he misses his parents in school.

A big thank you to the pre-nursery team of teachers for helping Elijah make the major milestone to be a school-going kid! We look forward to another great year of development in Elijah’s education and teamwork with his Nursery 1 teachers.

From Elijah Loy’s parents

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