Congratulations & well done!

We wish to congratulate Dr Richard Yen and the entire staff team at ChildFirst @ Mountbatten for regularly providing relevant and high quality newsletter materials for us as parents to be engaged in what is being taught at school. To be honest, sometimes when Sean comes home and starts to rattle of Mandarin songs, we become a little bewildered as our Mandarin standard is borderline. But reading through the amazing structured newsletters put together (English – Phonics/ Reading, Mandarin & Maths) with loving effort and genuine relevance of what actually happened in each class, by each standard, (i.e. customization) is not what most preschools do well at, or even do at all. You provide parents, like ourselves, the right tools to reapply learnings at home and relate to the teaching methods at school.

We previously enrolled Sean in two other well-known pre-schools prior to ChildFirst so we have excellent benchmarks as comparison. In previous schools, we witnessed haphazard efforts, inconsistency, irregularity and mass communication of sorts.

Notably newsletter compilation is but a small portion of a much larger concerted effort that makes ChildFirst operate efficiently and effectively. Perhaps you might think I am blowing the effort out of proportion, but if I extrapolate newsletter production against other key tasks requiring greater administrative capabilities and teaching abilities, then it is most certain that all individual teaching and office staff at ChildFirst @ Mountbatten are truly caring, educated and most importantly, have a genuine love for children and their well-being. I am confident every staff at ChildFirst from Dr Yen down are excellent role models whom both parents and children will find approachable and trustworthy.

I would appreciate if you can convey my message to Dr Yen (unfortunately I cannot locate his email), as well as Ms Michelle, Liu Loushi, Ms Amelia and Ms Mary…all of whom Sean adores. Thank you for your immense contribution towards Sean’s most impressionable growing up preschool years.

From Sean’s parents

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