I have been most impressed by the pre-school based on my observations…

I must say that I have been most impressed by the pre-school based on my observations over the past 2-3 months that Odelia has been attending school.

What first attracted me to the school was the huge and clean premise. Till this day, I remain very impressed by the clean and bright classrooms. Gradually, what really stood out to me was that all staff of ChildFirst are aligned to the principle of putting the child first and to me, that was really amazing. My interactions with all levels of staff have been most pleasant and positive. Everyone seems to truly care about the children and are happy at work.

Kitchen Aunty speaks enthusiastically about the food that she lovingly prepares for the children each day – about how the food served should be nutritious and fresh so that the children can be nourished. The passion that she has for her job motivates and energises me each morning.

Cleaning Aunty is never grumpy even though she has to clean such a huge premise. Instead of snapping at us for messing up the place, she was very concerned that I might slip and fall due to the slightly damp floor and never fails to show her concern by reminding me to walk very slowly and carefully. I truly appreciate the kind gesture.

Till this day, I am amazed at how Odelia was able to settle into school so easily, given the prior negative experience that she had. I also appreciate them taking time each morning to update me on Odelia’s progress at school.

I also love the newsletters and updates that are sent to us monthly.

I hope that the pre-school will continue to do well in providing the best for the children. Once again, I congratulate all at ChildFirst for a job well done.

From Odelia’s mum

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