One of the main reasons for us to move to Childfirst @ Dunearn in 2013 was because of your Bilingual Immersion Programme.

Dear Ms Elaine, teachers and support staff at Childfirst @ Dunearn,

I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you and all the teachers for providing both Isabelle and Jeanne the best years in their life and giving those happy memories. As Isabelle graduates this year, I take this opportunity to thank the Principal, teachers and support staff for showering our girls with your love and care and providing them guidance each step of their journey. Isabelle and Jeanne have always looked forward to going to school each day mainly due to their loving teachers & friends and also the fun they have at the awesome facilities at Childfirst including the Speech and Drama room, cyber zoo and their indoor playground. As Isabelle progresses to Primary school I am filled with mixed emotions as I know she will miss her teachers and friends and yet I know she is well prepared to embark on her new journey to Primary school.

Ms. Elaine you have been wonderful as the Principal of Childfirst @ Dunearn and I can’t thank you enough for providing me great support and working together with me in each and every aspect of our kids’ journey. Our girls in the last 3 years have blossomed to confident girls and have developed an interest in art, music and dance amongst other things. You and the teachers have been instrumental for the success of Childfirst @ Dunearn and we wish you all success as you take the school to new heights.

One of the main reasons for us to move to Childfirst @ Dunearn in 2013 was because of your Bilingual Immersion Programme. Zhang laoshi and the other Chinese teachers have helped both our girls in Mandarin and though we don’t understand the language, we tell Isabelle she sounds more confident when she narrates a story in Mandarin as compared to English. Now as she progresses to Primary school we are confident that she will be able to continue her journey that she started in your school.

Lastly, thank you Tr. Sarah, Theresa, Andrej and all the teachers for your unrelenting support and understanding in helping to develop our children and they truly look up to each one of you as their role models. Thanks again for working exceptionally hard every year with the children and putting up a wonderful year end concert for us parents. We truly appreciate all your efforts.

I wish Childfirst @ Dunearn all success and would definitely recommend your school as I have had a very positive and happy experience with you in the last 3 years and look forward to another year for Jeanne till she graduates from K2 in 2016.

Warm regards,

From Isabelle & Jeanne’s parents

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