…interactive whiteboard…and computer lessons will groom my daughter to start to use technology at an early age

Our first contact at ChildFirst was with Lilian, Administration Manager, at 7pm in Jan 2011. It was an adhoc visit. My wife and I were impressed with her politeness to show us the centre in spite that it was closed for the day. She went the extra mile in service and we had a good first impression of ChildFirst.

Our second encounter when we were invited to attend the open house briefing for parents was equally impressive. Not only did we learn more about the structured curriculum with focus on Bilingualism (Mandarin and English), we also saw how technology was used in teaching and learning, from interactive whiteboard, touch screen computers to login accounts for parents to view their child’s work. We are very impressed with the investment that ChildFirst’s management has put in as it shows that they are serious about quality pre-school education.

Jia Ying first day at ChildFirst went well. Assisted by her teachers, her adjustment to the new environment (big classrooms with modern teaching equipment, teachers wearing uniform, computer labs, very generous common space such as gym and indoor interactive areas, and other amenities) was smooth.

As parents, we are confident that the structured program in ChildFirst will help a child to develop their learning of new knowledge and skills in pre-school in a fun way with the use of animated and interactive mode. We also feel that picking up new technology skills from young is crucial for a child in a technology driven society.

There are so many good encounters with ChildFirst for Jia Ying and us that it is quite impossible for us to numerate them. Carol and I are now able to focus on our work during office hours as we know that our daughter (Jia Ying) is in good hands, doing what she needs to learn and excel in at the age of 6 with competent and caring teachers and staff in a conducive and safe environment for her to cultivate a passion for learning at pre-school – preparing her to receive her Primary 1 education next year.

From Jia Ying’s parents

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